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Digital Short Story 2022 | Rafael Pearl’s ‘Mr. Hide-and-Seek and the Pugnacious Duke of Molasses’

A headshot of Rafael Pearl, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023
Rafael Pearl ('23)

The Digital Short Story ’22 exhibit includes 9 entertaining stories by the Class of ’23. Next up in our spotlight is Rafael Pearl’s  ‘Mr. Hide-and-Seek and the Pugnacious Duke of Molasses’.

THE STORY: Mr. Hide-and-Seek is an extremely efficient hitman, hired to mortally bop the Pugnacious Duke of Molasses upon his dastardly noggin for a pocketful of dubloons. While on the mission, in the dungeons of the Duke’s Palace, Mr. Hide-and-Seek befriends a young girl and rediscovers his humanity while he navigates his priorities and the increasingly disturbing contract he’s accepted.

THE STORYTELLER: Rafael is a simple dude inspired by folklore, comic books and television shows. He grew up drawing comics and cartoons and would like to go out drawing comics and cartoons.

Instagram: @ol.rafiki

Click here for the story.

A pirate gestures for someone offscreen to be quiet with a shushing gesture.

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