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Digital Short Story 2022 | Basya Goldstein’s ‘Butterfly Blues’

A headshot of Basya Goldstein, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023
Basya Goldstein ('23)
Illustrator, Animator

The Digital Short Story ’22 exhibit includes 9 entertaining stories by the Class of ’23. Next up in our spotlight is Basya Goldstein’s ‘Butterfly Blues’.

THE STORY: The idea for this story happened while I was reading and discovered that moths, like butterflies, start out as caterpillars and cocoon into becoming moths. I found it fascinating that moths and butterflies have such similar trajectories, yet moths are shunned while butterflies are beloved. It made me wonder what a caterpillar would feel like if they always dreamed of turning into a butterfly at the end of metamorphosis, but instead turned into a moth. Thus Sophie was born!

THE STORYTELLER: Basya Goldstein is first and foremost a student! She hails from Teaneck NJ and is a recent graduate of Stern College for Women where she majored in Studio Art and minored in English. Basya keeps a pencil on her the way a grandmother keeps a throat lozenge in her purse. She is obsessed with animation, and can talk about films and books for hours. She likes using any materials she can get her hands on, and especially loves to experiment with and learn new mediums and skills. Basya has been telling stories since she could talk, and loves connecting with others and/or making them laugh through her work. She can’t wait to take her abilities beyond the realm of observation and humor to create dynamic plots, characters, and stories. Basya’s interests include photography, running, sports, beat boxing, cooking, exploring, and Hebrew Bible study (didn’t see that one coming didja?).

Enjoy Butterfly Blues!


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