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Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: “Searching for Shelly” by Sarah Shaw

“Searching for Shelly” is a multimedia narrative featuring a man named Jay on a quest to find his missing girlfriend in Nepal. Completely unprepared for the harsh terrain, Jay struggles to make the tumultuous journey that’s both mentally and physically demanding. Despite the challenges, Jay remains persistent and discovers something unexpected along the way. Through drawings, animated illustrations and a range of web pages, the reader accompanies Jay on a journey about accepting change and seizing new opportunities that are presented in life.

Sarah E. Shaw is an artist, an educator and a visual storyteller who believes there’s always something to laugh about, and there are never enough mountains to climb. In the past eight years, Sarah has worked and studied in South Korea, volunteered with the Peace Corps in Cartagena, Colombia, and taught art and design in Kathmandu, Nepal. Living abroad is a constant source of inspiration for her comics and illustrations. She grew up in a small town in Maine and is currently based in Kathmandu and New York City. View more of Sarah’s work on her website and Instagram @saraheshaw.

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