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Digital Short Story 2019 spotlight: “Hope’s Brain Feels Sad” By Perri Greeley 

“Hope’s Brain Feels Sad”

Hope is a 7-year-old who misses her grandma and can’t figure out how to stop her brain from feeling sad. She goes on a journey through her classroom, asking for advice from her classmates, but none of it seems to work. So together they seek the guidance of their teacher, who surprises Hope with what she has to say about feeling sad. Hopefully Hope’s journey will help kids (and adults too!) examine their reactions to feeling sad and give them words to express these complex emotions. 

Perri Greeley is an artist and writer from Seattle. She attended Willamette University, majoring in anthropology and creative writing. As a preschool teacher, Perri is passionate about using art to help children understand their feelings. She also makes pieces focusing on mental health and social justice advocacy. While her projects cover a variety of topics, they all incorporate her love of bold colors and of helping people, one way or another. See her work on Instagram

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