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Community Spotlight

Course Spotlight: Visual Research Mapping Project

Our classes are taught by working professionals from multiple disciplines. Tim Szetela (designer, animator, digital artist) and Jenny Goldstick (artist, narrative designer, infographics designer) teach ‘Visual Research’ during the summer term.

Visual Research helps students apply mapping and data visualization techniques to their concept development and world-building. Students identify locations connected to their existing story ideas and investigate these locations using documentary media, data collection, and other methods of site-specific research. The materials they gather are used to create analog and digital maps that describe their content. The work produced helps in the development of the students’ thesis projects and as a means of communicating the spaces that their stories will inhabit.

For a complete downloadable curriculum, go to the ‘Our Program’ page.

Mapping assignment:

Work: Rafael Pearl ’23 @ol.rafiki

Faculty: Tim Szetela @szetelat and Jenny Goldstick @jennygstick

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