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Checking in with illustrator and animator Maura Condrick (’21)

Maura Condrick ’21 is an award-winning story artist, character designer, and art professor working in comics and animation. She’s been appointed to the faculty of the Computer Arts Department at SVA. She’s teaching a class called ‘Narrative Workshop’.

Maura was also chosen for a storyboard mentorship through Women in Animation. Her mentor is Juan Luis Bravo, a filmmaker and story artist who has worked for Disney, Wild Canary Animation, and Pure Imagination Studios.

Congratulations, Maura!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Illustration iof an old pirate map with small montages of adventures.

Pirate Baby

Two panels from Maura Condrick's thesis story Periwinkle and the Lost Treasure portraying a ship in trouble in a sea storm and some arguing dolphins

Periwinkle and the Lost Treasure

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