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Barbara Geoghegan presents ‘Rona’

Rona is a selkie, a young woman who can turn into a seal. Lonely and isolated within her own selkie pod, Rona grows interested in a nearby island inhabited by humans and incites their ire by choosing to explore it. But when her sealskin is mysteriously stolen, Rona can no longer transform into a seal, and must find a way to integrate with the human inhabitants of the island. After living apart from humans her whole life, she is forced to choose the kind of life she wants to lead and to figure out what is truly important to her.

Rona is a story about identity, what it means to be human, and what it means to have a home.

Barbara Geoghegan is an illustrator and graphic designer from New England. After getting her dual BFA in Design and Illustration, Barbara worked as a graphic designer and published her own comics on the side. Rona was inspired by a lifelong interest in selkie stories and a love for the maritime landscape. Like Rona, most of her comics are stories about young women, and employ mixed-media collage. Most recently, her work can be seen in the anthologies 1001 Knights and Sweaty Palms. She lives and works in Brooklyn.

Twitter: @barbarabot

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