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Alexandra Beguez presents ‘The Offering’

The Offering is a cautionary tale about how relationships change over time, facing the consequences of your actions, and finding your place in the universe.

Maite lives on Talus, the last human colony in a dying universe. She has a complicated relationship with her guardian Dian, leader of Talus, who demands perfection and obedience from her headstrong ward. One night while dreaming, Maite is contacted and befriended by Uri and his father Umb. They reveal themselves to be Uag, mysterious beings whose uninhibited way of life is considered taboo.

When a lethal affliction befalls the Talus colony, Dian keeps everyone blissfully unaware of the looming danger while quickly isolating anyone showing symptoms. Maite becomes dismayed by Dian’s actions and turns to her new Uag friends who offer to help. Accepting their help inadvertently puts them in danger, putting Maite in the impossible position of choosing who lives and who dies.

Alexandra Beguez is an illustrator and cartoonist based in New Jersey. Her comics and illustrations appear in Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Quarter Moon, Ink Brick and Carboncito. She has received awards and recognition from The Society of Illustrators of New York and Los Angeles, American Illustration, and the MoCCA Arts Festival. She has a love for bright colors, science fiction, hoofed beasts and cautionary tales.

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Instagram: @bisforbeguez
Twitter: @abeguez

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