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Jon Bero presents ‘Yuki’

There is beauty in the broken, but Yuki, a deer plagued by anxiety, isn’t able to see it. As a result of a misguided attempt by his closest companion Michi to ‘toughen him up’, Yuki is forced to delve into an abandoned building where a malevolent presence lurksm ready to emerge – consuming both Yuki’s fear and suspicion. Anxiety is much like living in your own horror movie everyday, and Yuki knows this better than anyone. It’s gotten so bad that Yuki’s anxiety has begun to eat away at his relationship with Michi. In her own way, Michi has unknowingly contributed to Yuki’s problem, thinking she knows just how to fix him. The truth is, Yuki has to be the one to fix Yuki.

No stranger to social anxiety himself, Jon Bero has struggled with this disorder for most of his life. Working across a variety of media, from sound to animation to writing, he pulls from personal experiences for all of his storytelling endeavors. Jon is deeply inspired by Japanese art, as well as his experiences abroad. Combining his love for art making with travel, his studio primarily exists on the road, affording him the opportunity to have shot films and created animations in places such as Berlin and Tokyo. Traveling, creating art, and telling these stories has continued to be a cathartic outlet, greatly helping him to not only get a better handle on his anxiety, but to be able to share those personal experiences with others.

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