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Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’

Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’

Following a Digital Dark Age, where most of the data on the internet was lost, the society of 2063 has moved on to a world populated by only new media. What is left of anything on the internet prior to 2040 is left in fragments on the Old Net. Jezi, a young shut-in, lives most of their life sifting through the Old Net to find the lost treasures of previous generations in the form of obscure and forgotten music. With their online, recently turned IRL friend Yalo, Jezi has been seeking the music of one band in particular for years. When Jezi and Yalo find out that the Old Net is being taken down, their search for the band’s long-lost album takes on a new urgency. The misanthropic Jezi is forced to rely on the help of the most unreliable variable – other people.


Abigael Puritz is a graphic novelist and printmaker living in Brooklyn, NY. She received a BFA from Purchase College’s School of Art and Design in 2013 and is now working towards an MFA at the School of Visual Arts.

Her book, Cities of the Interior, was represented by the Booklyn Artist Alliance and now resides in rare book collections at the Columbia and Stanford University Libraries, it has also been shown at MOMA PS1. Abigael is currently working as an editorial intern at First Second Books and paying less attention to her cat than he would prefer.


Social media:

@whatitbeabbyp – Instagram/tumblr/Twitter

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