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The Sprout

Mallory Mudd is a plucky, young sprout eager to fit in with a staunch society of gnomes.

In The Sprout, Mallory Mudd is a plucky sprout who’s eager to fit in with a staunch society of gnomes. That’s no easy task considering her burgeoning powers often do more harm than good. Tension escalates between Mallory and her community when the neighboring trolls suspect she’s stolen their lucky unicorn, an act punishable by death. Looking to clear her name and save the gnomes from certain doom, she leaves the comfort of The Tunnels to track down the thief. She and her BFF Benny are faced with a slew of Squallyglen’s nastiest creatures, though nothing could have prepared them for what they discover at the end of the trail. Her journey not only challenges the limits of her abilities, but the very notion of who she is.

Liz Enright is a cartoonist who believes the best stories appeal to the ten-year-old within. An odd child herself, she latched onto books whose young characters thrived in spite of their differences. Through their eyes she explored hidden worlds, overcame dangerous adversaries, and learned that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. The zany, magical world of The Sprout is a love letter to those stories that changed her life. Before Mallory can master her powers and kick major Troll butt, she must learn to embrace her idiosyncrisies. After all, we can accomplish great things once we’re comfortable in our own skin.

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