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Spice of Life

Welcome to the future, the very near future where robots are used in abundance but are still mistrusted and largely treated like we treat robots now.

Unit 25 just wants to be given a chance.

Spice of Life is a narrative arcade about Unit 25, a culinary line robot, who desires to become human and overcome his societal shackles in a post-tech war world, which despises strong, independent, artificial intelligence that “don’t need no hu-man”. The stakes are piled high and tensions are mounting as news breaks on the first day that an A.I. has taken charge of a human establishment! People are pouring in, but this isn’t what Unit 25 imagined humanity would be like.

In this fast-paced, five-day story, players will become the eager and enthusiastic Unit 25! As an A.I.. finally permitted to interact with human customers, the player will be able to make dialogue choices that affect the difficulty of game-play, learn about personal circumstances, and gain humanity, while utilizing speed to turn over orders and keep impatient customers happy. You thought being a human in food service is hard.

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