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Metabo – The Virtual Maze

“The Virtual Maze” is the first chapter installment of the graphic novel “Metabo.”

Wayne Ryder, a talented virtual hunter whose life experiences in the cutthroat Metabo City have led him to be nihilistic and self-serving, is in deep shit with his mobster boss, Dom. He is given one day to pay back double the equivalent of 50 kilos of the fresh produce he stole. As Wayne scrambles to save his own life, he is visited by Maya, a young idealist revolutionary who is on a mission to save her energy-depleted village on the outskirts of Metabo City. She comes to Wayne with a job proposal: steal the mainframe power grid access code of Metabo City. Wayne agrees to the gig, planning to ditch her in the mainframe and save his own skin instead. The two traverse the dangerous Virtual Maze that is Metabo City’s firewall infrastructure, battling Metabo City’s virtual defense, and Zed, a henchman of Dom’s who holds a personal vendetta against Wayne. As the two bond through the trials and tribulations of the Virtual Maze, Wayne needs to decide whether to save himself or honor his agreement and help save Maya’s village.

A front cover page of a. comic showing two characters running away. The text reads: Metabo The Virtual Maze.
A black and white comics panel page showing a character being chased by guards with guns and weapons.
A black and white comics page featuring two characters running away in a maze.
A full page black and white comic with four panels. The first depicts black boxes in a large room, the other two features a person getting punched in the face.

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