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Enter the abstract reality of an existential crisis. Anthea is struggling to gain control in the world around her.

Anthea is struggling to gain control of the world around her. She doesn’t even seem to be the center of her own story—or so she thinks. In chapter one, “Dormancy,” Anthea is passively existing in isolation while the magic of the universe swirls around her. A new consciousness awaits her if she could only answer the door. A mysterious sage, carnivorous plant, and omnipotent technology all go head to head for power over Anthea’s precious attention.

Cover of Anthea graphic novel is flush with color. A pink flower with a green leafed stem sits agaisnt a pink almost pyschadelic backdrop.
Illustration of cubes flowing in a pink, purple and red squiggly lined backdrop.
Shapes and lines weave through a pink sky.
Three panels show shapes and lines grabbing for a running person, wrapping around their legs.
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