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Taylor Sanchez

Illustrator & Storyteller
A photo of Taylor Sanchez, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

My name is Taylor Sanchez. I have a passion for writing intriguing, captivating stories that deliver a personal message for all audiences. My characters appeal to a spectrum of emotion and provide inspiration. I see myself developing stories an audience can submerge themselves within for hours. Since I was five-years-of-age, using all types of mediums to include finger painting, clay molding entire villages, drawing, sketching, painting, and the creative use of grocery store green produce twist ties. My life goal is to send out into the world inspiring content that will cultivate personal empowerment and motivate change towards personal improvement that I hope will ripple into community and environmental goodwill.

With a BFA in Studio Arts, Graphic Design and the focused passion to write marvelous stories. I am ready and very excited to begin my MFA for the Visual Narrative course!

Taylor’s Work

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