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Quinton Singer

Writer and Illustrator

Quinton Singer (he/him) is a writer and illustrator. He received his bachelor of arts from Macalester College in 2017, with majors in creative writing and astrophysics. He has worked as an editor and a bookseller. Joining SVA’s Visual Narrative MFA marks his start as a professional artist and storyteller.


Much of Quinton’s creative narrative work crosses elements from science fiction, fantasy, and horror with concepts in cosmology and astronomy to inform its worldbuilding, plot, and characters. He is interested in supernatural powers, struggles with self, the morality of violence, and revolutionary imagination. His current novel/graphic novel project is particularly concerned with how both the laws of physics and abstract social structures constrain our desires, actions, and choices, a question that comes out of the psychological impact of a closeted queer childhood and his more recent experiences participating in revolutionary/anarchist spaces.


Outside of his creative practice, Quinton enjoys gazing: at birds, clouds, stars, the ocean. He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his partner and two cats.


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