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Panayiotis Terzis

Director, SVA RisoLAB
A headshot of Panayiotis Terzis, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

Panayiotis Terzis is an artist, printer and publisher based in New York.

He has been working with a variety of printmaking mediums since 2005, and has used Risograph printing as a core part of his practice since 2010. He is the founder of the Risograph publishing platform Mega Press. In 2015 Terzis co-founded the RisoLAB, a Risograph studio based at the School of Visual Arts. Since then he has directed the curriculum and graphic and conceptual identity of the space as manager and faculty member.

His work has been published by Nieves, Fantagraphics, Landfill Editions, Vice Magazine, and others, and he has been exhibited across the US and internationally including at the Elizabeth Foundation (New York, NY), Printed Matter Inc. (New York, NY), the Swiss Institute (New York, NY), the Pera Museum (Istanbul, Turkey), Andreas Melas Presents (Athens, Greece) and the Greek Consulate in New York.  He has worked with commercial clients including Bloomberg Digital, American Apparel, Digitaria, Elsewhere Space, EyeBodega, McDonald’s, Lurid Records, and others. His artist books, zines and print editions are in the collection of the MoMA Library, the Brooklyn Museum, the New York Public Library and the collection of Stanford University among others. In November 2022, he curated Printing the Future: The Riso Revolution, a sprawling art exhibition of Risograph based work at dieFirma gallery in NYC featuring over 250 artists and over 300 Riso-printed works from around the world.

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