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Olivia Li

Cartoonist & Organizer
Portrait of Olivia Li

Olivia Li is a cartoonist, designer, organizer, and multidisciplinary artist living in Queens, NY. In August 2021, she obtained her MFA in Visual Narrative at SVA. She is particularly interested in telling coming-of-age and self-discovery stories of queer, non-white protagonists, usually with a pinch of magic. Outside of her personal art practice, her passion is working to benefit artist (and particularly comic creator) communities at large: She’s currently Head of Logistics at MICE (the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo), and she cofounded the monthly NYC Cartoonist Meetup in spring of 2023. Olivia is currently working on her debut graphic novel, The West Middle Mirror, with Andrews McMeel. Her mental health is largely maintained by the sight of other people’s pets over video calls.

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