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Meng Yang

Meng Zhang, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

Meng Yang was born in March 1997 in China. He calls himself a creator wanna-be (he’ll tell you when he truly becomes one). He graduated BFA in Communication College of China Nanjing, 2019, majoring in Digital Media. Meng is highly addicted to hand drawing & inking techniques, mostly self-taught. Cut open his vein and he would use the fluid to paint. Meng worked as a log keeper for a documentary, a video editor for government advertising, and a TV co-screenwriter.

“Thousands of days of practice were only forging the tool, ten thousand days of practice then you can use the tool.” Miyamoto Musashi, an ancient Japanese swordsman said that once. Yang is still forging, maybe throughout all his life.

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