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Mark Sable

Author | Screenwriter
Mark Sable

Education: BA, cum laude, Duke University; MFA, New York University; MBA, University of California, Los Angeles; JD, University of Southern California

Clients include: Marvel; DC Comics; Image Comics; Boom! Studios; NBC Universal; Warner Bros.; Cartoon Network

Publications include: Graveyard of Empires; Fearless; Hazed; Grounded; Popgun; 24seven; Comic Book Tattoo Tales Inspired by Tori Amos; What If? Spider-Man; Marvel Super Heroes: The Fantastic Four; Batman: Two Face Year One; Teen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg; Teen Titans: Cold Case; Supergirl; Unthinkable; Cthulhu Tales

Webcomic: Heroes Online Graphic Novel

Awards and honors include: Reynolds Price Scriptwriting Award, Duke University; Graduate Award in Screenwriting, Tisch School of Arts

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