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Mariah Plakas

Illustrator, Animator & Graphic Designer
A headshot of Mariah Plakas, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

Mariah Plakas is an American illustrator, animator, and graphic designer who explores ideas of remembrance. Her digital drawings and gifs explore the nostalgic qualities behind consumerist objects and the memories associated with them. Plakas studied at Adelphi University, where she graduated with a BFA in Studio Art and double minored in Graphic Design and Art History. After receiving a grant from Adelphi’s Study Abroad Program, she studied Renaissance Art History in Florence, Italy. Plakas participated in Walt Whitman’s 200th Bicentennial Celebration and created a 50+ page sketchbook of illustrations dedicated to his poetry. Plakas’ artworks have been in nine different exhibitions. Her series, “Memorabilia,” was featured in the Digital Zine, “Artist Spotlight 01” by FOURALL Magazine. Upon graduation, she was given the Conger Goodyear Award for Studio Art. Plakas currently resides and works in Long Island, New York.


A character has one leg lifted up
Blitzar Park

A local theme park that moonlights as a hidden base for a migrant alien species is under threat when our protagonist, Addie, discovers their unique food supply is dramatically diminishing.

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