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Lixiaoyue Liu

Illustrator & Writer
A headshot of Lixiaouyue Liu, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

I’m Lixiaoyue Liu, Beijing based Illustrator/comic book writer. Most of my storytelling works are inspired by Chinese folklore and realistic fiction.

Through my college study as BFA illustration major student at MICA/Baltimore (was nominated for Will Eisner competitive scholarship in 2018), as well as professional academic training provided by CAFA, I am able to utilize many skills to visualize stories that haunt me. I am focused on building comics with pen, ink and single color, showcasing my fixation with Noir style comic/manga and my heritage.

Yes, I like it in an old fashioned way. But I am also familiar with working with my tablet. Adobe family bucket is the most used software on my PC. Recently I am self-studying modeling on MAYA and building live-2D. Follow me on Instagram if you are interested!

Lixiaoyue’s Work

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