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Lisa Cheong

Writer, Filmmaker & Animator
Lisa Cheong, Photo credit MJ O'Toole 2023

Lisa Cheong is a writer, filmmaker, and animator based in Brooklyn, New York who makes things that are a little silly and off-beat. 

Originally from Singapore, Lisa worked as a journalist and copywriter before moving to America to pursue her *artistic passions*. As a filmmaker and sketch comedy writer, Lisa’s work has played in front of audiences across various theaters in New York City. She also participated in festivals including the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, NYC SketchFest, SOLOCOM, and That Asian-American Film Thing. In 2018, Lisa was a fellow at The Tank Theater’s pilot program where she developed a screenplay loosely inspired by her rocky experience of being an immigrant in America. 

 Lisa’s favorite things are coffee and naps, sometimes in that order. 

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