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Kevin Cadena

New Media Artist, Designer, and Educator

Kevin Cadena (They/Them) is an Andean-American new media artist, designer, and educator based between Queens, NY and Orlando, FL. 

With their artistic practice, their focus is on family lore, ancestry and cultural heritage and how digital media can be used to translate, transform and archive them. They is informed by platforms such as video games, creative software and the web, pulling from their ability to create an innate sense of joy with their responses to our input. 

In their design work, they collaborates with local non-profits organizations, educational institutions and independent artists on projects ranging from websites to accessible print material. Clients include the Parsons Scholars Program, Center for Urban Pedagogy and Latino Center for Art and Culture. 

Finally, as an educator, Kevin has worked across many academic levels including high school, undergraduate and graduate. Their classes have involved a mix of teaching creative software while also integrating critical thinking skills about modern technology’s impact on society and culture. 

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