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Kelsey Lynn Cretcher

Kelsey Lynn Cretcher (She/Her) is an Educator and Illustrator based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since graduating with a BFA in Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2012, she now is a Professor of Practice and Interim Chair of the Illustration Department at her Alma Mater.


With a strong emphasis on educational illustration, Kelsey’s artwork strives to blends informative elements with captivating illustrations and textures. While her background lies in vector illustration, she has embraced the versatility of digital painting in her contemporary work, often exploring themes of femininity and minimalist maximalism. In addition to her educational work, she has a passion for science fiction and fantasy art, book covers, and much more.


Beyond academia, Kelsey’s freelance endeavors have garnered recognition from esteemed clients such as Zox, Tuesday Knight Games, and Hopkin’s International Airport. Additionally, she operates her own successful business, specializing in pin-up enamel pins and an acclaimed reimagined Hanafuda deck. She seeks out multifaceted projects that offer the opportunity to commit to concepts and explore many aspects of illustration. 


In her leisure time, Kelsey indulges in her passion for floral illustration, sci-fi horror literature, and gratuitous amounts of video games

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