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Katie Anne

Graphic Designer

Katie Anne Coleman (She/Her) is a multifaceted graphic designer looking to expand her artistic and writing skills to pursue a dream to change the world through visual story telling. She is based in Miami, Florida. 

Within her work, she focuses on developing work that has strong typography and unique color palettes, as seen in works such as “Could I Interest you In Everything all of the Time?” or “Liminal Space”. Her work is largely influenced by a strong commitment to asking viewers to think more deeply about society as a whole. Additionally, her experience in the graphic design field has led her to develop a strong skillset in photography, print design, social media marketing, videography, and video editing. 

Whether Katie is working on a new print design or developing product designs for a small business, her experiences provide much insight into her personal work and contribute to her unique perspectives that inform not only her designs but her dedication to betterment of the world. 

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