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Katherine Streeter

Black and white headshot of Katherine Streeter.

Katherine Streeter illustrates for clients around the globe. Her commissioned topics range from essays and poetry to healthcare and finance, as she interprets things with metaphor, abstraction, and literal components equally. Her medium is mixed, being a balance of collage and paint, and her method is both traditional and digital.

She does editorial and book assignments mostly, while her noncommercial work includes narrative surreal works, motion collage, and fabric sculptures.

During the last few decades living in downtown Manhattan, she has been in shared studios as well as on her own. And, in addition to keeping up her career, she has taught illustration and collage at different east coast art schools from time to time.
She is currently focused on book projects and is developing a new body of work with her fabric pieces.

Her art has been exhibited in galleries, and chosen for industry annuals such as American Illustration and The Society of Illustrators.

Katherine is¬†Christine Alicia Di Pasquale’s (Class of 2019) mentor.

[Bio pic by Jorge Columbo]

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