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Jeffrey Lemire

Bio pic of Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire is the award winning, New York Times Bestselling author of such graphic novels as Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Underwater Welder as well as co-creator of Descender with Dustin Nguyen, Black Hammer with Dean Ormston, Gideon Falls with Andrea Sorrentino and many others..

Many of Jeff’s book are in active development for Film or TV, including Essex County, Underwater Welder, Plutona, Gideon Falls, Descender, Family Tree and The Black Hammer Universe at Legendary Entertainment with Lemire attaches as screenwriter and exectutive producer.

Lemire’s Sweet Tooth is currently being adapted into a Netflix series produced by Robert Downey Jr. set to be released in early 2021.

He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son and their troublesome pug, Lola.

Jeff is Maria Schweitzer’s mentor.

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