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Jared Cullum

Author-Cartoonist | Painter
Bio pic of Jared Cullum

Jared Cullum is a 2-time Eisner nominated Author-Cartoonist and traditional painter.

Born in Tennessee and raised in Virginia and Texas, Jared is currently settled with his wife and children in Pittsburgh, PA. He has written and or painted story and concept art for Top Shelf Productions, Frenemy Studios, Boom!-Archaia and Jim Henson Productions working on titles such as: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Firefly and Planet of the Apes. His debut middle-grade graphic novel, “Kodi” released in August 2020. Between writing and illustration, Jared is an avid teacher of observational painting from life specializing in watercolor and gouache painting out of doors.

Jared is Morgan Sawyer’s mentor.

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