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Freya von Mizener

Visual Storyteller

Freya von Mizener graduated from UCSB with a Bachelor’s in East Asian Studies and has nothing left to lose upon turning to the arts. Bleak dismal future be damned, she has pursued drawing in textbook margins since the dawn of conception and has managed to get this far in one piece without any prior semblance of proper guidance. Taking this as a sign that there are no wrong life decisions, so she will continue to blindly move forward into this pointless abysmal journey called life.

In all seriousness, I’m passionate about Asian history and culture as it is part of my heritage (I’m bi-racial, don’t mind the name), and am also borderline obsessed with stories in the specific forms of comics, cartoons, and video games. Thanks to a complete lack of attention span and extreme tunnel vision when it comes to personal interests, art is literally all I have left. Hopefully one of these days I can really turn my passions into a career so I can afford to feed my parents when they retire without perishing in the process. Freya’s mentor is Hato Moa.

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