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Craig Coss

Fine Artist, Storyteller & Educator

Craig Coss is a San Francisco Bay Area fine artist, illustrator, storyteller, and educator. His fine art work explores themes such as the divine feminine, longing, the dangers of anthropocentrism, and the tensions between archetypal opposites. His perennial philosophy is sympathetic to the ideas of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and Corita Kent, and he agrees with Marie-Louise von Franz that traditional folktales and myths—as with dreams—often contain medicinal remedies for the psyche, interwoven in their symbols. Craig explored the comics format for the first time while a graduate student at SVA, and his work has culminated in a 112-page graphic novel, Angelica. When he’s not telling stories, making art, or teaching primitive technology, he’s restoring vintage bicycles, perfecting his iron gall ink recipes, and growing heirloom tomatoes.

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