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Cheyenne Curtis

Storyboard Artist & Director
Bio photo of Cheyenne Curtis

Cheyenne Curtis is a Montreal-Canadian born artist who attended Sheridan College and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Animation. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue a career in Television Animation.

Cheyenne’s first in house studio job was as a character designer for Star Vs. The Forces of Evil at Disney TVA. She then worked as a character designer at multiple studios like Cartoon Network and DreamWorks TV before she decided that she wanted to transition into storyboarding. Cheyenne then storyboarded on tv shows such as Big City Greens and Amphibia over at Disney TVA, and then developed her own pilot with an overall deal at Nickelodeon. She just finished her storyboard Directing job with Apple TV/Titmouse studios, and has a few other projects in development currently.

Cheyenne has a passion for telling stories with heart and comedy, and loves drawing in various styles that lean cartoony.

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