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Ben Simon

Animator, Comic Artist, Part-Time Educator, and Screenwriter

Ben Simon is an animator, comic artist, part-time educator, and screenwriter. Since graduating from Skidmore College in 2023, he has made an effort to explore as many paths in visual storytelling as possible, having adapted Julio Cortázar’s short story Axolotl into a short comic. His passions include paleontology, filmmaking, concept art, comic history, marine biology, animation, and science fiction.

As a new member of the MFA Visual Narrative program, he aims to find creative avenues to express these passions, be it comics, cinematography, prose writing, animation, or direct illustration. His influences and inspirations in the creative fields include Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Nathan Fielder, James Gurney, Will Eisner, Juzo Itami, and Bill Watterson.

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