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We’re going to use plain language here. We’re not hiding anything and we strive to maintain compliance with international law. MFA Visual Narrative uses the following services to provide a …    More

The Rules of a Takeover

Takeovers are a great way to promote yourself! We give you one full week to post stuff for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog audiences. Takeovers are an important tool …    More

Scrivener: Writing tool 2.0

Writing on a computer can sap your soul. While the keyboard/screen combo has improved the process of producing and publishing the written word, an argument can be made that it …    More

High Fidelity virtual reality is coming

Right now you and I are sitting in three dimensional space, moving through the fourth dimension and interacting in…what? The digital dimension? Yes, don’t worry, this is going somewhere. The …    More

Here are some free tools for podcasting

We all like to tell stories in our own way. If you have the podcast muse in you then you should be talking into a mic at least once a …    More

And Then: The 2015 MFAVN Thesis Show

After three years of inspirational, consistently fantastic and grueling work, our first graduating class is ready to tell their stories. It was all worth it. Check it out… The Class …    More

Spilt Milk: a thesis presentation by Nadia DeLane

Spilt Milk BY Nadia DeLane Please join us for a special gallery presentation by Nadia DeLane, the creator of Spilt Milk . The event takes place at 7pm on July 21st at the …    More

Setting up the 2015 thesis show, ‘And Then’.

Our students are hard at work installing their work for the 2015 thesis show, ‘And Then’ at SVA. Setting up the 2015 thesis show at the Gramercy Gallery at SVA! Come …    More

Being introverted

How many of you are introverts? Sometimes it feels like a whole other plane of existence, doesn’t it? I enjoyed reading this piece on Fast Company. First, because it’s like …    More

MFAVN Chair, Nathan Fox, does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Congrats to MFAVN’s Nathan Fox for this spectacular print he did for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel says: “Celebrated artist Nathan Fox brings a showdown to “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” …    More

Screenwriting tips for the biz side of things

Here are some tips on the screenwriting biz. The advice ranges from “Write something actors will like” to “Don’t be afraid to move on to another project”. Common sense stuff, …    More

Can Telltale Games make transmedia work?

Transmedia is one of those terms that we use selectively. It’s overused. It’s become a phrase to describe what amount to marketing efforts that span different media. But true transmedia …    More

the visual narrative thesis projects: ann coddou

Ann Coddou is a storyteller with a strong, unique voice. From her colorful, emotional comics to her adorable plushies, Ann has shown a proclivity to reel us in with visual …    More

the visual narrative thesis projects: alison paul

Alison Paul is an accomplished storyteller, having seen two books published by Houghton Mifflin (Sunday Love and The Crow). Her style is simply stunning, with a combination of expressive characters, …    More

Virtual Reality storytelling is in its infancy

Virtual reality storytelling may just be starting, but the results so far have been fantastic. VR Cinema recently ran a virtual reality meetup where storytellers showed off their latest attempts …    More

Storytelling and the Butterfly Effect

One of the pleasures of writing is hearing from readers. I recently got an email from a ten year old in Germany who enjoyed one of my books. He’s decided …    More

Work on your stories with other people

One of the lessons we live by every day at MFAVN is often overlooked by many… “Work on your stories with other people.” It’s risky. It can be painful. It …    More

the visual narrative thesis projects: ryan ansel

Ryan Ansel (Class of 2015) is a workhorse. He’s prolific, fast and talented. We asked him about his experience with MFAVN, his mentor and his budding thesis project! Where are …    More
evernote for writers

Evernote + Nanowrimo = writerly nirvana?


Whiteboard ephemera, MFAVN-style!

We love the ephemeral. When we know something is fleeting and delicate something in our Crafting Juices activates (I call dibs on the term, “Crafting Juices”!) Whiteboards for example. They …    More

5 films that define powerful storytelling

A story can move you. A story can change you. A story can squeeze you so tight that you feel like you’re about to slip free and catapult into its …    More
Chase Jarvis: sites we love

best sites by artists and writers #2: chase jarvis

Chase Jarvis‘ blog is the next must-see destination in our Sites We Love series. Jarvis is a photographer, filmmaker and all-around visual storyteller type. Our people. Among his projects “Seattle …    More
Maria Fernanda Arévalo

Best Sites by Artists and Writers #1: Pikaland

  We love to find websites by creative people that offer community, storytelling and practicality. The best websites by artists and writers are powerful draws for Ms./Mr. Muse. So, as …    More

Digital Short Story exhibit at SVA

We’re getting ready for a milestone event in the Visual Narrative MFA program at SVA. Our inaugural class is having its first Digital Short Story exhibit and the whole school …    More

5 great storytelling apps for iPad

Whenever one chooses an expansive topic to write about, one is asking for it. We all have our opinions about what makes something “good” or “not good enough.” But it …    More

Typewriters will rise again

You may as well buy a typewriter now. You know, deep down, that they will have their day again. Like many other staples of the analog life, we look upon …    More
Magic The Gathering

Maciej Kuciara is a concept artist to follow

Maciej Kuciara caught our eye on Google+ in a random post. The piece that made everything else disappear was this one: It’s digital. So, yeah, that made me click through …    More
karla castaneda buried

up ‘n comers | Karla Castañeda

Karla Castaneda is a student in Savannah, GA. Her work caught our eye on Behance, and we were immediately struck by her distinct style, and her proclivity to say something with …    More

Workspace Porn: The ground they walk on

While artists and writers love them some pencils, they may love them some workspaces even more. Most of us could spend our lives looking at/wandering in/rummaging through other’s creative spaces. But …    More
pencils rock!

Giving thanks this holiday season for…pencils

It’s hard to get artists of every variety to agree on much. Writers see the world differently than painters. Editors extract completely different meanings from a scene than a director …    More
Benjamin Marra

the visual narrative faculty collection: Benjamin Marra

We’re happy to continue our series of posts that highlight our faculty’s excellent work, without the color commentray that makes your eyes wander. Can I say one thing, though? Benjamin Marra …    More
Microsoft Store

Give us your customers, Microsoft!

The Next Web is reporting that 1000 games have hit the Windows Store in the last five months. That’s good news for us creative folks. The dominance of iOS and …    More

Writing The Camelot Kids | The cost is chivalry

Writing is hard. Writing about famous figures is harder. Writing about Camelot is downright dangerous. The consequences of taking creative license with something that has Ivy League programs dedicated to it invites …    More

The Visual Narrative experience | 2013 memories

We pride ourselves on the community we’ve built here at the Visual Narrative MFA program. We have such a wonderful team of faculty and students working together that it requires …    More
Jonathon Rosen

the visual narrative faculty collection: jonathon rosen

Today’s featured Visual Narrative MFA faculty member is Jonathon Rosen! (his spectacular bio follows the spectacular work)     From Jonathon’s site: About me: I make static & moving pictures. …    More

Writing Camelot to save the world

The world sucked for a kid growing up in 70s and 80s America. And it was hard to ignore the suckage, which ranged from the Iran Hostage Crisis to Iran …    More
San Diego Comic Con 1978

a brief history of comic cons

Comic cons were all about comic books, once. My first comic con was in Santa Fe, NM. 1981. It was in a small bookshop called Book Mountain. Six tables, six …    More
Ross MacDonald

the visual narrative faculty collection: ross macdonald

Today’s highlighted faculty member is the incredibly talented visual artist, Ross MacDonald. From his fantastic site: Ross MacDonald is a contributing editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, and is on the masthead …    More
Guillermo del Toro sketchbook

Guillermo del Toro’s sketchbooks opened. And wow. gathered the sketches of Guillermo del Toro from various sources, and the result is fascinating.   The above pic splits between a sketch and the final product from Hellboy 2. …    More
Wonder Man

Amazon’s Kindle Comic Creator is a big deal

Did you know that Amazon loves comics? To be precise, they love what comics could do for their Kindle products. Few of us have paid much attention to a new …    More
Sagaki Keita

Sagaki Keita’s Statue of Liberty

I’ve always loved the Statue of Liberty. To me, it stands for a simple ideal – a world (not just a country) where we take care of each other and …    More

Welcome to the 150 Word Story Contest!

Welcome to our first 150 Word Story Contest! The Visual Narrative MFA program is all about helping writers and visual artists hone their crafts. We’ll only be happy when everyone who …    More

nathan fox teaches you how to do it in 3D

The Visual Narrative MFA program’s chair, Nathan Fox, is known for his dynamic art, unique portrayal of action and comic book paneling. He’s also a kick-ass muralist, with a flair …    More

tell your story with a board game

One of the blind spots in all this newfangled talk about “the power of storytelling” is board games, or tabletop games. These are general terms that paint pictures in our …    More
Andrew van der Merwe

Andrew van der Merwe’s letters in the sand

Imagine walking down the beach, as the sun rises, and spotting this in the sand. Andrew van der Merwe is a South African calligrapher who sees the beach as his …    More

three excellent flicks for weekend viewing

What beats a good movie? Three good short films, that’s what. We’re always keeping an eye out for the best in shorts, either animated or live action. If you have …    More

maentis deconstructs brands for our enjoyment

Best we can tell, maentis is a firm (or maybe just a person) in Paris, France that does satirical art. Biting satirical art. Satirical art that leverages the billions of …    More

pics from grandpa’s WW2 sketchbook

Weston Emmart, a World War 2 veteran, was an illustrator/ad man/carousel horse carver who left his family a ream of impressive work. His grandson posted some of it on reddit …    More

the beautiful illustrations of Simon Prades

German artist, Simon Prades, teaches Illustration at the University of applied sciences in Trier. He’s worked for The New York Times and The New Republic. His work impresses in a lot of …    More
Love is in the Air

a love story in steam

Love is in the Air from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo. Do you ever get that cynical sensation in your gut? It’s kind of like a cross between the feeling …    More

visual narrative info session=what a night!

This last Monday, July 15th, 2013, we had our first Info Session with the inaugural class in attendance. Invites went out to the public to come see what the program …    More

Narrative Object | Objective Narrative

We love stories. That means we love surprises. So it was a real pleasure to have the July 11, 2013 class. For the past five intensive weeks each student has …    More
J.H. Williams III/DC Entertainment

The changing face of comic books causes Vertigo

The Vertigo imprint was launched by DC Comics in 1993 and quickly became one of the best sources for quality (non-superhero) storytelling. Sandman, Hellblazer, Sandman Mystery Theater and Fables were …    More

Dissecting books can be beautiful

Alexander Korzer-Robinson is a surgeon. He cuts into books, peeling off the words like flesh, revealing their illustrated entrails, then moves them around until they’re beautiful. His attempt to dissect …    More

Shake it up, tell your story

Advice for creative people is worth the pixels they’re rendered in. But one neglected truism is, if you want a hit of inspiration then change your surroundings. Which takes on …    More

Dreams as personal narrative

Two thoughts struck me upside the head one morning as I talked to my son, Jack. Usually I’m struck upside the head by a flying Lego or a poorly aimed …    More
Maurice Sendak by Joyce Dopkeen The New York Times

Hey Leonard Marcus, help us understand Maurice Sendak!

On June 19th, SVA Visual Narrative’s own Leonard Marcus will be moderating a discussion about Maurice Sendak and his contribution to children’s books, illustration and popular culture. I know, in …    More
Michael Markieta

Fight, Flee or Flock

The old phrase “fight or flee” is meant to sum up how humans handle a stressful or dangerous situation. But the other ‘F’ word, rarely discussed, is ‘flock’. Perhaps it …    More

I want a character who writes herself

I’m working on a project with Eric Fogel, creator of Celebrity Deathmatch, and I’m struck by something. In-the-back-of-the-head struck. With-a-2-by-4-struck. Eric has an ear for what fuels a line, a scene, a …    More
Steven Heller blog

The Daily Heller for your daily dose of design

Where can you get insights into 1920s street signs, CBS’ corporate design philosophy and  the power of “Don’t”? Print magazine’s Steven Heller covered those topics in three straight days, diving …    More

A History of American Comic Books in Six Panels

Here’s a new comic I did for the Colgate University alumni magazine, Colgate Scene: I drew it to accompany a very good article by Professor Paul Lopes on the evolution …    More

Talking Comics with Tim | Duplicate’s Mark Sable

On Wednesday, Kickstart Comics (not to be confused with Kickstarter) will release Duplicate, the new graphic novel from writer Mark Sable and artist Andy MacDonald. The publisher describes the project …    More

Summer Reading List: Nathan Fox

MFA Visual Narrative Department Chair Nathan Fox shares his diverse and wide-ranging summer reading list, from books on the art of visual storytelling to ultra-violent manga and beyond. The Art …    More