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Who are we? The Visual Narrative faculty summed up in a blog post!

The Visual Narrative faculty here at School of Visual Arts MFA program is as deep as the Pacific. Really. We offer a humongous variety of talent across professions that are defining how we enjoy our stories, challenge our habits and see our world. Authors, filmmakers, illustrators, designers, calligraphers, animators, you name it.

We thought it would be helpful to sum up who hangs out around the cooler, talking art and nerdiness. So let’s start with the Big Boss…

Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox, illustrator

Nathan has worked for every comic company ever in the history of comics. Okay, that’s inaccurate, but it feels like it sometimes. You’ve seen his work in DMZ, Detective Comics, and Fluorescent Black among many others. He’s also had his work in the NYT, New Yorker, Wired and Rolling Stone.


Matt Rota, Illustrator

Matt’s clients and publications include, The New York Times; McSweeney’s; Nylon Guys; Utne Reader; LA Weekly; Russian Esquire; Philadelphia Weekly; Good But Cheap Eats: New York; Columbia Journalism Review; Science News


Jennifer Daniel

(yes, awesome url)

Jennifer’s clients and publications include, The New York Times, GOOD, Bloomberg Businessweek, Heeb; Graphics: Google,Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Money, Time, Utne Reader, Fortune, Bon Appétit.

Bad Apple by Edward Hemingway

Edward Hemingway, Illustrator/Author

Edward’s work includes, Bump in the Night, Bad Apple.Illustrator: Hemingway & Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers


Leonard Marcus, Writer/Editor/Critic

Leonard’s accomplishments could fill a book, but here’s an edited list of his writing work.

Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children’s Literature; A Caldecott Celebration: Seven Artists and Their Paths to the Caldecott Medal; Golden Legacy: How Golden Books Won Children’s Hearts, Changed Publishing Forever, and Became an American Icon Along the Way

Jim Rugg

Jim Rugg, Comic book artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Jim’s work has been seen in publications by Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, VH1, McSweeney’s, Converse, New York magazine, Smirnoff, Capcom.

Other word includes SUPERMAG, Walking Dead, Adventure Time, The Guild, Dr. Horrible


Dan Nadel, Owner, PictureBox

Awards include Best Historical Presentation, Harvey Award; Grammy Award; National Endowment for the Arts.

Dan has published The Wilco Book; Overspray: Riding High with the Kings of California Airbrush Art; For the Love of Vinyl: The Album Art of Hipgnosis


Ross MacDonald, Author/Illustrator/Designer

Ross’ work includes Prop designer, film consultant: Seabiscuit; Van Helsing; The Alamo; The Legend of Zorro; The Book of Eli; National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets; The Adjustment Bureau; In Treatment; Boardwalk Empire.Backgrounds for Tommy (New York and London). Animated shorts for Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live.

Ben Zackheim Shirley Link

Ben Zackheim, Author/Game Producer

Ben’s work includes the Shirley Link mystery book series for Middle Grade readers, Director, (AOL); Game Producer, Sony Online Entertainment; Producer, Viacom; Game Producer, ESPN; editor-in-chief,


Jonathan Rosen, Illustrator/Animator/Fine Artist

Jonathan’s work has appeared in The New York Times, Snake Eyes, Time, Rolling Stone, Mtv, Blab!, Sony Music,The Ganzfeld, Details, Journal Drawings For Sleepy Hollow, Tim Burton, Director, American Illustration Annual, Print, World Art, La Weekly

alicia desantis

Alicia Desantis, Art Director/Graphic Designer/Editor

Alicia’s published work and honors include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Harper’s and Let’s Go Publications; Publisher’s Award, The New York Times; Society of News Design, Best American Infographics; Nominee for Presidential Teaching Award, Columbia University

Jeff Rogers

Jeff Rogers, Designer/Illustrator

Jeff’s published works include Typography 33; Print Regional Design Annual; Communications Arts Typography Annual; Communication Arts Design Annual; Playful Type 2: Ephemeral Lettering and Illustrative Fonts; Typographic Sketchbooks; New Modernist Type; American Illustration

Mark Sable

Mark Sable, Writer for comics, film, live action television, animation, and theater

Mark’s published work includes, Graveyard of Empires; Fearless; Hazed; Grounded; Popgun; 24seven; Comic Book Tattoo Tales Inspired by Tori Amos; What If? Spider-Man; Marvel Super Heroes: The Fantastic Four; Batman: Two Face Year One; Teen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg; Teen Titans: Cold Case; Supergirl; Unthinkable; Cthulhu Tales

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