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Welcome to our new students! Profile of Stephanie Hovden.

We’re delighted to welcome into the fold our incoming class, the Class of 2018! They’re a group of talented storytellers. So let’s show off their work!

Stephanie Hovden’s work is playful, with myth at its core. Welcome, Stephanie!

hovden stephanie

While working at 2K Games I had the opportunity as a UI Intern to work on assets used in different interfaces. I enjoyed working within the style of the art direction to create icons for the achievements.

The Necessity of Water is one of my self-published zines. It’s a reimagined short story based on a Japanese myth where with the help of a little girl a dragon frees himself from the lair of a Tengu.

Coyote Tails is a collection of short comics adapted from Native American Mythology. They follow the character coyote as he plays pranks, learns lessons and aids his animal friends.

Wolf Years is an original story I’ve been developing since 2012. It’s an epic about Serigala, a girl who turns into a wolf, discovering the past of her people and the egotistical prince who tags along. You can read the first two chapters at WOLFYEARSCOMIC.COM

You can browse Stephanie’s work and buy yourself a little something at her shop.

We look forward to working with you, Stephanie!

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