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WATCH: MFA Visual Narrative Info Session

Chair Statement

The MFA Visual Narrative program offers a fresh perspective and bold alternative to traditional MFA programs. We do so by recognizing that a command of story is the most powerful and fundamental foundation an artist in any creative profession can possess. Exceptional and effective storytelling isn’t conveyed in beautiful words, images, or character plot alone. Audiences only become invested with an insatiable “need to know what happens next” when they connect and empathize with the protagonist—the challenges they face, why they make the choices they do, and how they become forever fundamentally changed by them. That realization of the protagonist’s struggle is what makes stories so powerful and moving and is what matters to audiences.

Our educational mission is to inspire all students to harness their collective creative writing and visual development talents to amplify their visual narrative skills, and master their personal command of story. Our graduates are empowered to be the next generation of transformational, relevant original content creators. The MFA in Visual Narrative program prepares them for leadership, with the confidence to own their personal voice and the visual narrative expertise to change the world through story.

If you are ready to test the limits of your skills and what your stories are capable of, we invite you to join us!

-Nathan Fox, Founding Chair

Elevate your career and expand your network. Alumni have moved into careers in creative direction, animation, comics, game development, film, toy design, information and motion design, education and many other disciplines. Recent graduates have worked for such organizations as Apple, Fisher Price, Penguin Books, Disney+, Chase, Deloitte Digital, Nickelodeon, MTV2, Exploding Kittens, Major League Baseball, Nike, Google, The Boston Globe and The White House. Others have gone on to successful teaching positions at prestigious institutions such as NYU, Rutgers, Gallaudet, College of Marin, CCS, UConn, CCNY, KCAI and School of Visual Arts.

To review full Application Requirements, visit here.

If you are ready to test the limits of your skills and what your stories are capable of, we invite you to join us! – Nathan Fox, Chair

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