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Use Sculptris if you want a good starting point for 3D modelling

Do you want to get your hands dirty with virtual clay? Many of us stand around in awe as incredible 3D characters float all around our entertainment. Watching Big Hero 6 was like eye coke.

But why not start making some characters of your own?

I’ve been dabbling with Mixamo’s Fuse, but haven’t been happy with it. They offer default characters that you can customize and sculpt as you see fit, which is great. But they also suffer the same user interface issues that other 3D programs have – complex and confusing. I was about to give up on the 787th 3D program in a row.

Then Nathan Fox told me about Sculptris.

The program is free and works on PC or Mac. The premise is simple. “Here’s your ball of clay. Make something.” The UI isn’t perfect but it’s so much simpler than other apps. I was up most of the night making a 3D version of a character from my book. This means that Scuptris is easy to use and even fun.

So yeah, if you want to dabble in some 3D models, Scupltris is your starting point.


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