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Typewriters will rise again

You may as well buy a typewriter now. You know, deep down, that they will have their day again. Like many other staples of the analog life, we look upon the rickety keys of these machines and something tightens in our gut. Whenever you get that feeling, buy stock in it.

no5 typewriter

I’ve had a number of manual typewriters pass through my life like fickle lovers. Yes, they chose and rejected me, not the other way around. Each and every one started strong and then decided to stop working. Years of use will do that. One even went through TWO Nanowrimos, which probably destroyed its soul as well as its Z key.

aqua blue typewriter


But I’m in the market again and so I’m assuming a bunch of other people are too. They’re stumbling on infographics like this…


…and they’re deciding it’s time to jump back in with both sets of hands.

So, for you, I present a list of inspirational, practical and clickety-clackable links to follow. Happy researching. Happy buying. Happy typing!

How to buy a typewriter

Typewriter Review

Best typewriters ranked

Gizmodo’s List of the most beautiful typewriters

Etsy typewriter specialist

No go find some on eBay!

Ben Zackheim

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