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Thomas Slattery’s ‘Aura’ will freak you out

Aura is an immersive storytelling experience, told through items and sounds in the environment. Rooms will be created virtually in Unity, allowing exploration in a virtual space.

2026. In New York City there’s been a disaster. Everyone in a 1 mile radius has been hit by a sonic mind control pulse and the epicenter is the corporate headquarters for technology giant ZeeWell. Those closest to the source are assumed dead and thousands of people in the radius of the pulse had hallucinations that they had communed with the Divine. Many have yet to recover. You have been sent as part of a ZeeWell sponsored response team to find out what happened. The search lands you in the laboratory of neuroscientist Dr. Theo Aphasian, which holds clues and information that will tell you the bizarre chain of events that led up to the detonation of the pulse, from his sonic mind control experiments to the involvement of shady cult leader Reverend Markal. You need to put the pieces together while avoiding exposure to residual sound waves that could cause you to lose your mind.

See more of Aura at Thomas Slattery’s site.¬†Just try to keep that heart rate down as you get to the end of the video demo!


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