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the visual narrative faculty collection: joe kelly

Comic and TV writer/creator, Joe Kelly, is our newest faculty member. To say we’re happy is like saying we’re hungry for bacon. Of course we are!

Joe is best introduced with his creations.

Warning: At the end of this post we say, ‘Nuff Said!

Joe Kelly Generator Rex SVA

Copyright Cartoon Network

Ben 10 Joe Kelly Visual Narrative SVA faculty

Copyright Cartoon Network


Ultimate Spider-Man Joe Kelly SVA faculty

Copyright Marvel Entertainment


Copyright Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool by Joe Kelly

Copyright Marvel Entertainment

From his bio on the Man of Action site

JOE KELLY broke into the comics industry in 1995 as the first successful “graduate” of the STAN-HATTAN PROJECT, a writing workshop conducted as a joint venture between MARVEL COMICS and NEW YORK UNIVERSITY’S Department of Dramatic Writing. Joe’s flair for dialogue and characterization captured the attention of Marvel editors, not to mention his snappy attire and icy blue eyes that pierce a man’s soul with but a glance.

Welcome to SVA’s Visual Narrative program, Joe!


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