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The stories of New York City: The Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital Building

We love NYC. It’s so big and blanketing that every step can feel like changing the channel. Case in point, the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Just this one area is so storied that you could spend your life in the minutia. If that sounds appealing to you, then start here.

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Photo by Max Touhey


Amy Plitt and Max Touhey over at Curbed stepped into the rabbit hole and ended up at The Hospital Building. It’s one of the few places that have been opened to the public.

Take a look at the pics and decide if a trip is in order. If you do go, remember not to hide behind your camera! We have a feeling it’s one of those places where the feelings you soak up will last longer than a pic. Still, bring your notebook and camera and let us know what you thought! Any stories trapped in those walls?

All photos by Max Touhey

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