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The Rules of a Takeover

Takeovers are a great way to promote yourself! We give you one full week to post stuff for our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog audiences. Takeovers are an important tool for us to customize your marketing plan for the thesis.

What do I mean by “stuff?”

The key to a successful Takeover is to show us who you are. Show us your work, your tastes, your opinions, your work ethic, your workspace, your tools, your thesis project, your favorite storytellers. You get the point. We want you to show off!

Please let know what week works for you during the Spring term. I’ll work with you to find a time that’s good. One week before your turn we’ll need to receive all the shares and posts at

  • Minimum one and maximum three Facebook post per workday. Include text, all images (1200 x 630 if the post has only one image), tags, locations and the link (if any)
  • Minimum three and maximum of 10 Tweets per workday. Every tweet must include an image (440 x 220), a link and hashtags.
  • Minimum three and maximum of ten Instagram shares per workday. Include all images, text and hashtags.
  • One 500 word blog post.

We’ll be doing the actual posting of this material. We want your Takeover to be fun and stress-free.

How will you make an impact on our Twitter feed? What do you want the Facebook audience to think about? What’s worthy of a 500 word blog post? I recommend that you think of a theme so that your takeover leaves an impression on the audience. Make it so they’ll never forget you!

We want to keep the rules simple:

Make it about story! Don’t stray from the focus of the program, which is visual storytelling. That’s such a vast arena that we’re confident you can stick to it.

No porn. That doesn’t mean no nudity. Just stay away from XXX stuff.

No politics or social issues, please, unless it directly relates to the research and work that you’re doing.

On that note, have fun! Let us know if you have any questions. Sign up for your Takeover here!

On that note, have fun! Let us know if you have any questions. Let know which Spring term week works for you! remember, Takeovers are our best chance to get your marketing off on the right foot for Final Summer!


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