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The Nathan Fox Subway poster series (What’s Your Story) starts to pull in the awards

Do you live in NYC? Then you’ve probably seen the SVA subway poster series that Nathan Fox illustrated. It’s a fantastic series of 3 posters, titled “What’s Your Story?” which challenges commuters to think about, well, what their story is!

again3 again2 again1

If you didn’t see it in the subway, then perhaps you got a gander at this:

Nathan Fox

We can attest to the secrecy that went into this series. It dropped like a bomb (of lovely art) on the world on December 9th, delighting subway riders and surprising those of us at SVA who wondered why Nathan was cooped up in a room, working — more than usual. We got cryptic answers to our queries like, “I’m doing my nails,” and, “What are YOU doing? Where’s that [insert name of work-related deliverable here] you owe me?” And it worked. None of us saw it coming, but all of us in the MFAVN program love the work and are so proud of him!

One part of the series that you may not know of is a progression of illustrations that, when strung together, tell the wonderful (expanded) story of Tako, the protagonist.

So for your enjoyment, check out the series in its entirety!

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