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The MFAVN One-Stop (Holiday) Shop

Looking for a last minute gift? Check out these comics, photography books, ornaments and more — all created by our students, alumni, and faculty!

RAsh guard shirt designed by Maria Schweitzer

Rubber Bones Rash Guards (Maria Schweitzer ’21)


Browse Rubber Bones Rash Guards for athletic apparel. You’ll find gi, rash guards, grappling shorts, nogi, street wear and a whole section for kids. Don’t miss out on the Krampus Xmas Rash pre-order!


Maria Schweitzer (’21) is an Illustrator, Designer, and Visual Storyteller based out of Long Island, New York. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Maria interests include Comics, Graphic Novels, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
“The Repatriation Diaries” is the first edition of an ongoing series of autobiographical comics about moving back to the USA after ten years of living abroad. The collection features 18 original stories in 32 full-color pages, printed on 100 lb archival satin paper with a matte laminate cover.


Sarah Shaw (’20) is an illustrator and cartoonist, and she teaches at the School of Visual Arts and Maine College of Art & Design.


One Eight Hundred Ghosts  (G. Davis Cathcart ’20)

buy-now-vector_pillOne Eight Hundred Ghosts is the brilliant debut graphic novella from cartoonist G. Davis Cathcart, printed in an oversized, full color format best suited to showcase Davis’s detailed cartooning and eye-popping page designs. Using otherworldly technology to enter the future and repurpose the intellectual property of a popular yet evil artist in order to change its cultural trajectory, Cedric and his team realize that society will face a conundrum that only they can rectify: accept the work of a sonic genius despite any abusive behavior, or release the work themselves, stripping the artist of the pivotal success that would later enable horrible crimes. Ultimately, the team decides to save the decade’s defining cultural touchstone before it ever happens: Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

G. Davis Cathcart (’20) is an illustrator, educator, and writer currently residing in Ridgewood, Queens, New York.

A book titled Stillfleet with a black cover and a fascinating image of something resembling an organism.

Stillfleet Core Rulebook Kickstarter (Ethan Gould ’18)

buy-now-vector_pillGet the Stillfleet Core Rulebook as a hardbound book—professionally designed and illustrated, bound in one gorgeous hardback book of more than 300 pages! If you purchase the physical book, you will also receive a copy of the PDF. Digital products will be fulfilled in December, 2022. Physical products will be fulfilled in March, 2023.

Ethan Gould(ini) (’18) is an artist, writer and game dev who is interested in technology, nature, and places that are also characters.

A tote bag hangs from a coat rack. It has an illustration of a black cat flashing us his tail.

Stinky Cat Tote (Katie Silver ’19)

buy-now-vector_pillThe adorable Stinky Stinky Tote is for sale on the Ksilvs store. The sturdy and stylish tote has a vivid double-sided print available in three sizes. Made of durable 100% polyester shell with super strong cotton shoulder straps. The straps are 1″ wide and 21″ long for Small bags, 28″ long for Medium bags, and 29″ long for Large bags.


Katie Silver (’19) is a mental health comics illustrator and colorist.

A woman and some farm animals sled down a snowy hill terrified.

Prints and books (Masami Kiyono ’16)

buy-now-vector_pillMasami Kiyono’s (’16) store ranges from original illustrations of gothic women and mythical monsters to illustrated children’s stories.

Masami is an Illustrator, Storyboarder and Comic Book Artist who is inspired by folklore, fantasy, and the occasional cute cat video.

A self-portrait illustration cartoon figure of Pilar Newton holding up a black and white illustration. She looks unamused in a charming way.

Just Pilar and other stories (Pilar Newton ’20)


This darkly funny comic collection from cartoonist Pilar Newton-Katz offers insights into Pilar’s psyche through observations, metaphors and stories. You will see what makes up Just Pilar.

Pilar Newton (’20) is an animator/cartoonist that lives in Brooklyn.

A greeting card with text "Congrats on being born"

Prints, ‘zines and ornaments (Ella Romero ’17)


Ella Romero’s illustrations, zines, customized ornaments and portraits are available for the holiday season and beyond.

Ella Romero (’17) is an artist, writer, and self-proclaimed crank.

A man with VR type glasses is in the background watching a man in a hooded cape run toward us

Hazmat (Tony Chao ’21)

buy-now-vector_pillHazMatt is a 48-page full colored silent post-apocalyptic comic about the survival adventures of the Wasteland Warrior Hazard Matt. You follow his journey as he battles radiated roamers, wasteland robots and giant animals as he does everything he can do survive the ruthless wasteland.

Tony Chao (’21) is an illustrator, designer and storyteller based in New York City. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Tony spent his formative years spending time in both Asia and the United States. His work draws heavy influence from Japanese Manga, European comics, and American cartoons, combining the aesthetics of both East and West. Tony enjoys action, science fiction stuff and imagining the end of the world. He’s real fun at parties.

Eating Alone Book (Anna Eveslage)

Eating Alone is a collection of short written vignettes with photo illustrations. Each paperback art book is 11×12″ perfect bound, matte printed. 80-pages. See sample images and writing from the book at

Anna Eveslage is a photographer, writer and storyteller. She is also a member of the MFAVN faculty.

Cover to comic book The Weatherman #1 with hero taking a bite of noodles while a dozen guns point at him from off-panel.

The Weatherman, Volume 1 (Nathan Fox)

A graphic novel collecting The Weatherman issues #1-6.
The future’s only hope has a zero percent chance…

Local weatherman and fun-loving amnesiac Nathan Bright was just a normal guy living the good life on terraformed Mars. But the past Nathan didn’t know he had comes back to murder him when he’s accused of carrying out the worst terrorist attack in human history―an event that wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth.

Confused, terrified, and ill prepared for life as the galaxy’s most wanted, Nathan’s fate lies in the hands of Amanda Cross, the disavowed government agent assigned to his case. Together the unlikely duo will have to rely on each other as they battle their way through the solar system in search of the truth buried in Nathan’s lost memory…and the key to stopping the real enemy from carrying out a second extinction-level attack.

A full-throttle, wide-screen, science fiction epic about the damage we do in the name of justice and what it truly means to be redeemed…you don’t want to miss THE WEATHERMAN!

Nathan Fox is MFA Visual Narrative’s Chair and a member of the faculty.


Top image; Ornaments by Ella Romero ’17, as well as photo credit
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