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Tell your story in multiple media and reach a wider audience

We like to explore different ways to tell stories around here. We ask ourselves, “When you choose your medium and start the project, should you stick to one medium? Can you spot other techs or platforms to expand upon the main project?” Granted, it’s a way of looking at storytelling that can make your head hurt. How much time do we have to tell other versions of our stories while we’re knee-deep in the main tale, after all?
But here’s an interesting take on the idea of expanding your story into other media. Using Twine (a choose-your-own-adventure game engine), Nathan Meunier, author of This Book Is A Dungeon [This Dungeon Is A Book], is self-publishing his interactive story on the Kindle. The result is an engaging eBook on Amazon Kindle that could very well drive people to buy the game on Steam, and vice versa.
What kind of combinations of media would you like to work in? Think about it and let us know on our Facebook page.
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