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Support the ACLU and get Sweaty Palms at the same time

Our very own Liz Enright is the editor of the Sweaty Palms anthology, a collection of comics about anxiety. Up to February 6th, Liz and team will be donating all proceeds from the sales of the anthology to the ACLU.

Sweaty Palms collects the autobiographical stories of 50 incredible cartoonists to present a rare and intimate look at life with anxiety. Whether we are battling with the crippling fear of failure, going through the harrowing process of finding the right medication, or looking to escape a ringing telephone, these comics remind us that we are not alone.

All sales directly support future volumes of the anthology. Thank you for helping this project grow!

Book Details:

+ Over 350 pages of comics

+ Black and white interior with full color cover

+ Recommended for mature readers

Edited by: Liz Enright & Sage Coffey

Cover illustration by: Chris Brunner


. Aaron C. Snow . Agawa Robinson . Aimee Laura . André Valente . Anna Sellheim . B. Mure . Barbara Geoghegan . Bis Thornton . Bryan Stone . Cathrin Peterslund . Celia Favorite . Christina Mattison Ebert . Christina Poag . Claudia E. Berger . Constanza Yovaniniz . Emily Helen . Erin Hunting . Gillian Blekkenhorst . Glip . Hayden Myers . Jackie Roche . Joamette Gil . Joseph Whitt . Justė Urbonavičiūtė . Justin Hubbell . Kat Fajardo . Katy Farina . Kevin Budnik . Lauren Dawson . Liz Enright . Lucie Ebrey . M. Dlabick . Mady G . Mary Verhoeven . Max Currie . Mike Freiheit . Miranda Harmon . Monica Gallagher . Morgan Beem . Olly Blake . Rachel Ordway . Sage Coffey . Sara Goetter . Sarah Simes . Scott Stripling . Shawn Daughhetee . Shivana Sookdeo . Sofie Louise Dam . Stephanie Hovden . Tony Wolf . Weston Notestine .

Cover images (in order of appearance): Chris Brunner, Kevin Budnik, Sofie Louise Dam, Rachel Ordway, Mady G, B. Mure, Joseph Whitt


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