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Super Bowl Movie Trailers 2014 – the best on one page!

In case you didn’t get to see the best Super Bowl movie trailers during the 2014 Super Bowl, we’ve collected them here for you.

Turn down the volume! These puppies are loud.

Transformers ‘Age Of Extinction’ Super Bowl Teaser from Michael Bay Dot Com on Vimeo.

The Transformers preview has a robot riding a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex, so it’s our sentimental favorite. Who else but Michael Bay would put a robot on a Rex bot? Okay, Joe Kelly has probably done it before

Dare we have hope for this one? The first Captain America was a perfectly passable yarn, but nothing special. The second movie promises intrigue, haunted pasts, political heists and big boom-booms (yes, we mean explosions).

Again, the last film in this series was okay, but not a stand-out effort. maybe they’ve relaxed a little bit and settled into the rich mythology coursing through the veins of the Spider-Man universe. The performances seem energetic.

Part 2! Does he save Gwen? Of course he does! Or, does he?

Noah is big. Noah is moving. Noah is Russell. Aronofsky goes Biblical, in 3D.

I don’t know what to make of Pompeii. It looks “fun” but it’s hard not to see Hollywood actors running around the screen for some reason. Some films do a great job of immersing you in the milieu (mmyess), but this preview didn’t do it for me. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Please let Robocop be as funny as it is exciting. Please. If it misses this mark, it will miss the point. Keaton looks like he’s having fun, so that’s an excellent sign.

Which film preview was your favorite?

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