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Storytelling Tools: The best blogs for your Virtual Reality

VR is getting a lot of attention from a lot of different professions. Hollywood senses an opportunity. Gaming is on top of it. Marketers are trying to get their heads around it. And visual storytellers are about as excited by the tech as they’ve ever been about any single technology in a long time.

But where’s it all going?

No one knows for certain, but these folks are on top of it! Check out the sites in our list of VR’s best blogs and stay up to date on VR’s ins-and-outs.

VRGuy: For the hardcore dev 

Time Fire VR: These guys are building a virtual city. Yes, really. 

Virtual Reality Reviewer: Updated often! Get the scoop on the world of VR, all platforms. 

Oculus: See what Oculus is up to on their blog. Updated when they have time to breathe.

Road to VR: All things VR on the road to VR. 

UploadVR: Another destination for those who want up to date news on VR, all platforms. 

Digital Trends RSS: Still do RSS? Good for you! We do too. RSS forever! Here’s a feed from Digital Trends which runs a VR-specific feed for their content, all platforms. 

VRFocus: News, reviews and previews. A good site to browse for VR experiences when you get your headset! 

The road to all of this making some kind of sense is a long road, indeed. Don’t feel left out. Dive in. Join the delightful confusion. But don’t get left behind!

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