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Storyteller Series 2022 | Jonathan Gottschall presents ‘The Power of Story’

Join us JUNE 8th for the first in 2022’s ‘Storyteller Series’, featuring author and faculty member Jonathan Gottschall who will discuss ‘The Power of Story’. Jonathan is a writer, lecturer and educator who has published eight books including ‘The Story Paradox: How Our Love of Stories Builds Societies and Tears them Down’ and ‘The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make us Human’.

Series Summary:
The Storyteller’s Series invites visual storytellers from all walks of life, careers and media to share their Visual Narrative.

(Event concluded)


The cover to the book 'The Story Paradox' which shows the title with the word 'Paradox
Book cover for 'The Professor in the Cage' by Jonathan Gottschall
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